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Hi, my name is Yasemin.

I love cooking, especially cooking with friends and family. I believe that some of the best conversations take place around the kitchen counter.

In my blog, I will share my favorite recipes and some stories from my kitchen and my life. [Read more]

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May 31, 2023

Poached Apples with Cinnamon & Raisins

Do you want a light dessert that is easy to prepare, yet tastes amazingly delicious? This one is for you. Apples poached with raisins, cinnamon sticks […]
April 15, 2023


Ingredients: 1 15 oz can garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed ¼ cup olive oil ¼ cup water 3 table spoons tahini (sesame paste) 1 clove garlic, […]
March 5, 2023

Stuffed Eggplants – Karnıyarık

Stuffed Eggplants – Karniyarik Karnıyarık word by word translates as “split belly”. Eggplants are stuffed with seasoned minced meat. This is a very Turkish recipe which […]
August 31, 2022

Zucchini Ribbons with Rice in Olive Oil

Zucchini Ribbons with Rice in Olive Oil
July 8, 2016

Cauliflower Rice with Lentils

This is a healthy, gluten free variation of a classic bulgur (cracked wheat) pilaf with green or brown lentils. Cauliflower rice is substituted for bulgur, giving […]
July 2, 2016

Artichokes Stuffed with Avocados

Here’s a perfect example of an Aegean-California fusion dish, if there is such a thing. Although the Mediterranean climate is perfect for growing avocados, they are […]